Analysis of cosmogram

7000 RUB
  • Who I am on the deepest level - main traits of character which influnce the destiny. An evolution way of development. A psychological profile. Strong and weak traits. Where could temptation come from. The way of the good (of a guardian angel). Talents and skills. The influence of the childhood and parents. Answers for the questions.

Express analysis of horoscope / Expanded analysis of horoscope with rectification

7000 / 10000 RUB
  • Where and what type of life lessons to pass I came here? Where is my self-realization. How do I get financial opportunities. Which partner do I look for subconsciously. Love, creativity, children. Family and home. Which is the best work for my soul. Career questions. Health and diseases. Accidents and danger. Answers for the questions.

Solar (one year forecast) with rectification

9000 RUB
  • Where there could be changes in the solar year - in which spheres of life most probably. Possible scenarios of events for the coming solar year. Recommendations how to meet solar and where. What to do if there are indications for negative scenarios. Forewarned, forearmed. Answers for the questions.

Short-period forecast with rectification

7000 RUB
  • When there could be changes and where, in which spheres of life. What kind of changes will be. Possible scenarios of events in the nearest future. Is it a good time to begin or to finish anything? What to avoid and when. Recommendations if there are indications for possible negative scenarios. Answers for the questions.

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