"Character creates our destiny" (Heraclitus of Ephesus)


About me and Astrology.

Welcome everyone on my site referred to Astrology. My name is Angela Pavlova. A few words on how I began to study astrology. I am an interpreter and external economic activity specialist by my first 2 higher diplomas. But I was always interested in the influence of planets and stars on us, human beings on the Earth. In the year 2020 when we all were isolated and worked remotely, I entered the Astrological Institute by Pavel Globa. I.e. I began to learn how to interpret from the planets’ language into the language of human being's. As being a translator was not a new thing for me, I enjoyed the process.  The language of planets differs of course from all other languages. Astrology is a science although not everyone recognizes it as a science. Astrology is a great tool which gives different layers of information analyzing which we could reach the deepest level of self-awareness. And this task is not very simple to solve.

For 3 years of studying at the Institute I got a fundamental base and at my work I apply to methods of Avestan Astrology, the founder of which in Russia is Pavel Pavlovich Globa. He restored it, the methods and wrote much literature on it. He is a true genius who is connected to the noosphere because the information and knowledge he shares is so deep and important for every human being who thinks not only about a horizontal life. The methods of research of Avestan astrology help find cause-and-effect, what is hidden and to define the true and hidden reasons why this or that occurs in life. It could submit possible scenarios of the events which could occur in future. It could show when to be active and be initiative and where and when to hold on and wait for better time. The prediction is not a fortune telling, it’s not fatal. Negative scenarios could be prevented and the positive ones could be carried out. One of the tasks of an astrologer is to find the cause which brought to the definite result. A human being who lives vertically i.e. thinks about who he or she is, why he or she is here and which tasks he or she needs to solve to live a happy life. Such a person will come to an astrologer one day by all means. An astrologer does not judge what bad and good is. An astrologer gives an expert assessment of cosmogram, horoscope, events, try to find the reason why they happened, give recommendations how to act in this or that situation to improve it. This is not an advice, it’s not a blame or judgement, it’s an expert assessment. And then only a human being will decide whether to use these recommendations or not.

The task of an astrologer to warn when its necessary. Ethical imperative lies at the core of Avestan astrology. i.e. moral choice, choice between the good and the evil. An astrologer will show where we could meet temptation. And which traits of character should be changed to work out these evils.  Astrology is a very practical  tool to realize who you are and what tasks to solve you came here. It’s the way of your soul, your cosmic program. It’s like the instructions for actions, it gives the directions your soul chose in this life. Due to the absence of such instructions since our birth we waste too much time doing mistakes and getting a particular life experience. Sometimes we have to pay too high price for our mistakes, for not following our cosmic program. The important thing we should know is that every human being is a micro cosmos and everyone is influenced by the Cosmos even if you do not believe it. It sounds like: Ignorance of law is not an excuse.


Cosmogram. Horoscope. The difference between these two terms.

Cosmogram does not take into account the time and place of birth i.e. the atmosphere we were born and grew up, people around us. Cosmogram shows the tasks which are higher than rush in our life. It shows cosmic mission of every human being, his or her strong and weak traits of character, the way of evolution, the way of the good and the evil. It does not refer to the spheres of human beings’ life. Cosmogram shows deep layers of your character which you could be even not aware of. This information is really unique because when you get acquainted to yourself better than it was before, when you get the instructions how to go on, what to change in yourself, you could change your destiny. That’s why cosmogram is even more valuable than horoscope. Because when we know ourselves, we could create our lives by ourselves according to the most gracious and high-frequency scenario. It’s the way of the subject not an object who attracts in his or her life only what inside is according to his or her inner intention. That’s why it’s highly important to know the cosmogram of children to understand the character of them when parenting. To understand strong and weak sides, talents and skills of a child. Due to this information parents could provide a child to grow up healthy and successfully and reach self-realization without any additional costs for psychologists etc. We get the instructions and grow up children according to their cosmic program they have for this life. Everyone has a uniquie and individual plan that's why it's strictly prohibited to compare children, adults with each other. Very often we cannot understand our children and have not very good relations with them because we do not know them well in a deep level. And of course, because we do not know ourselves, the adults. In such a case it’s difficult to collaborate with children.

Horoscope shows us the spheres of our life, which ones are problematic, which tasks we need to solve in this or that sphere and what kind of obstacles we could meet and how to live a successful life solving all this tasks easily.  In horoscope we could see possible scenarios which we could attract in our life in different spheres like self-realization, our finance, work, career, love, children, creativity, our partners, our health and illness etc. These scenarios could be realized in different ways i.e. a human being could be an protagonist with whom it happens or could be as a observer who sees or hears about an event. Depending on the psychodynamic the horoscope could be built in different types of houses. But there is no need for you to understand it as this an astrological term.

Horoscope is related to the place and exact time of birth up to the minute. It means that horoscope takes into account the influence of people around us – parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, partners etc. That’s why for building a correct horoscope rectification (to find out an exact time of birth) is required by all means. Otherwise it will be hypothetic i.e. not true.  The rectification of horoscope is made according to the very important events in the past. I.e. giving a birth, marriage, divorce, moving to another city, country, disease, car crash etc. I.e. rectification could be made mainly for the adults as children usually do not have very important events at the childhood. But sometimes of course there could be exclusions such as death of parents or close relatives. For children cosmogram could be built or at least a hypothetic horoscope with the time of birth on the tag.


Forecast. Why it does not always come true. And is there any use in astrological forecast?

People want to know their future. Someone is interested in it because he/she is curious, the others want to understand where and when danger could be warned of, when there is a proper moment for life-changing events. Everyone has their own motivation. But anyway, they are all united in one - the wish to know the future. The future is always a step to something unknown.

Is there any use to go to an astrologer to satisfy this curiosity?  By all means the answer is "yes". Because the forecast is not a fortune-telling, it’s not fatal. It submits multiple scenarios of possible events. Moreover, these events will mainly depend on the consciousness level of a human being - high frequency or low frequency scenarios. Of course, there are definite indications which increases the likelihood of this or that scenario in the definite period of time. As it is said: The planets aligned. Sometimes these scenarios are more positive, sometimes they are less. E.g. when the scenario is positive, we need to be active in this or that sphere it shows. If it’s a negative one then you could be passive in this sphere for some period of time, not to make any action, go deeper in self-awareness i.e. inside instead of outside.  A proverb which we could apply to sounds like: Forewarned is forearmed.

Does always the forecast come true? Not always and not always by 100%. Because a human being has an optionality, he or she is free to choose what they want and could change how the scenario could come true. Secondly is that there are the so-called resonant horoscopes. It means that a human being is influenced by the people around and his or her decisions depend on other people, what they will think or say. Although a human being could not even be conscious about it. This is the case when we have an object but not a subject in front of us. And here we need to research horoscope of people around him or her for true forecast. Freedom in choosing is a sacred right of everyone. The planets could offer us this or that scenario which we could agree with or refuse from. I.e. in a definite period of time we could have such an opportunity, a chance when there are concrete indications. And only we decide whether to use this chance or not and in which role we will be whether as a protagonist who performs an action or it is performed over him or her or to be in position of an observer.

One of the most popular forecasts is Solar (forecast for one year since the date of your birth day).  It's a good method of forecast but it works only in case when you have a very strong Sun in your horoscope. If not then we could use another method of forecast which are multiple such as transits, progressions, Lunar, directions etc.. Which method of forecast to choose depends on your Radix e.g. what stronger Cosmogram or Horoscope is and other indications which influence our choice.